KLIM Voice

KLIM Voice is a great desktop USB microphone for your computer. This microphone is perfect for PC or PS4 gaming and makes a useful mobile support.

Great sound quality. Highly sensitive desktop microphone for PC. Features a patented audio filter to eliminate background noise and focus on the voice. We also provide an anti-pop filter.

Plug’N’Record. Simply plug in the microphone and it works. No software to install. You will find the user manual as a PDF enclosed to an email we send you. If you do not receive it, please contact us.


Will match your needs. USB Microphone. Ideal for gaming, Skype conversations, audio recordings and speech recognition.

Compatible. Compatible with every operating system – Mac OS X, Windows, Linux and every PC brand (Apple, Asus, HP, etc.)

Built to last. Made from reinforced plastic and metal interior reinforcement, extra strong and durable. Very stable on its stand, includes two LED lights, adjustable neck, complete volume control via switch and mute button available.