KLIM Tornado

KLIM Tornado extends the lifetime of your laptop. Overheating is the number one source of laptop breakdowns and performance issues. This cooler is an investment: no component overheating, extends the file of your PC and boosts its performance. Save your PC from an early breakdown.

New, innovative, fast cooling USB heatsink for laptops.

Small, lightweight, powerful, effective against overheating.

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The latest innovation. The KLIM Tornado is the latest nomadic version of the Cool+. To be entirely honest with you, given its smaller size you lose 8% of power. However, you stand to win in terms of mobility – it’s 1.8 times lighter. It’s very easy to attach the Tornado to your laptop. If you use your laptop on the move, on your knees or in bed, the Tornado is perfect for you. They both look very different – pick the one you prefer!


Built to last and warranty. Once you have the KLIM Tornado in your hands, you’ll feel its superior quality. It is built to last. It is really compact and will resist to transportation and drops. The KLIM Tornado uses a latest generation Japanese motor to ensure a maximum lifetime. With 5 years warranty (which is very uncommon for electronic products) – it’s a risk free purchase!

Compatible with most laptops. It is compatible with laptops with a side air exhaust that is not thicker than 3 cm (95% of laptops). If your laptop has a back air exhaust or a side thicker than 3 cm, we advise you go for the Cool or Cool +.

KLIM is ranked number 1 for coolers, it is our core expertise. For the KLIM Tornado, our laboratory tests measured on average a cooling of 18.9 degrees. The way the KLIM Tornado works is like a super fan – it expels hot air from your computer faster than your internal laptop fan. Thus, the cooling is fast and efficient.