KLIM RGB Chroma Mousepad

KLIM RGB Chroma Mousepad has high precision fabric, lighting effects, and multiple modes.

High precision fabric. That’s the most important component of a mousepad. The fabric is designed for a perfect control whatever the sensitivity you use. Whether your mouse sensor is laser or optical, the fabric will optimise its response time. This fabric is extremely durable, it will last for a decade.

Built to last. This mousepad is not designed as a gadget. In addition to its superior quality fabric, the structure is metal with a reinforced braided cable and the USB is gold plated. You’ll feel its quality when in your hands. It’s a heavyweight product, weighing 830g. We offer a 5 year warranty – it’s a risk free purchase!


Beautiful. A mousepad can be seen as a basic item, however it’s on your desk 24/7. It’s worth investing in a superior quality mousepad with a beautiful design. You can pick amongst 6 colors and 3 lighting effect modes.

Affordable. There are currently 2 main choices for RGB mousepads. Either you pick big brand mousepads that are more expensive, or unknown brands’ mousepads that offer no warranty nor Customer Support and are only built to last a few months. With our mousepad, we want to offer a strong alternative – a solid Customer Support and warranty. This high quality mousepad will last you a long time.

Simple. You plug it, it works. No need to install a driver, with a single press you can change the colors. It’s a little above the standard size and should fit every need with its 34.5cm x 25cm dimensions.