KLIM Puma is a micro gaming headset with real high audio quality (7.1 surround sound). It is perfect for PC, PS4 and Switch gaming sessions, thanks to the integrated vibrations.

Total immersion. KLIM Puma gives you an immersive 7.1 surround sound. You’ll never be surprised by an enemy again! You’ll know exactly where shots are coming from, it’s perfect for games such as CSGO, Fortnite, PUBG, as well as Overwatch!

High quality audio. The sound is clear with a solid bass. This headset will suit any gamer, film enthusiast or audiophile to perfection. The microphone also boasts top of the range audio quality to ensure your teammates always hear you loud and clear.


Build to last, warrantied with Customer Support. We pride ourselves in offering electronic equipment with superior quality components, built to last. If you ever were to encounter any problems, you’ll be covered by our 2 year warranty. If, when you receive the product, it is not to your liking, we allow for a 30 day return free of shipping costs with a full refund. It’s a completely risk free purchase.

Sobriety and gaming. The KLIM Puma offers both. Once received, you will be able to appreciate the quality of the materials and design for yourself.

You won’t feel it in your head. The KLIM Puma was designed to be comfortable, no matter the size of your head. It’s very light (420g) and will not overheat. The headband is flexible and cushioned. You won’t even remember you’re wearing it.

This headset is not compatible with Xbox One.