KLIM Mousepad

KLIM Mousepad is a great slippage mousepad. Extremely smooth and precise, it makes a must-have product for PC gaming with 32cm x 27cm x 0.3cm dimensions.

Become more precise. We’re all gamers here at KLIM and we’re offering a mousepad which will allow you perfect control over your mouse movements. No more friction in the slightest or any loss of control whatsoever, your mouse will glide along in perfect harmony with your hand’s movement.

An investment in your gaming ability. A mousepad doesn’t do everything, but sometimes winning or losing comes down to just a couple of pixels. We wanted to deliver an effective mousepad at an affordable price.


Motivational. Win more for those with an objective grinding the ladder.

Comfortable. The material was designed to avoid irritating your palm or wrist – you can use it for hours on end without any irritation whatsoever.

Durable. It is completely water and tear proof. As usual, with KLIM, you can take advantage of our 5 years warranty and Customer Support with a response time under 24 hours (Mondays to Fridays).


I Carry, Stay Focused, Win More