KLIM Mousepad XL

HIGH PRECISION FABRIC. This is the most important aspect of a mousepad. The micro-textured fabric is conceived to perfectly control your mouse movement no matter its sensitivity or sensor type. No more undesired friction or losing control of your mouse: it will follow every move you make perfectly.

AN INVESTMENT FOR YOUR GAMING ABILITY. A mousepad doesn’t do everything. But sometimes, winning or losing comes down to just a couple of pixels. We are all gamers at KLIM and we offer you a mousepad which is optimized to follow your moves at a reasonable price.


LARGE SIZE + COMFORTABLE. The bigger the better! This extra large model measuring 900 x 400 x 4 mm will entirely cover your desk so you can place both keyboard and mouse. You will have more space for your movements, ideal for mice with low sensitivity. Its special coating is conceived to avoid soreness on your palm and wrist, even after several hours of usage. Smooth surface and stitched edges.

STABLE + DURABLE. Thanks to its non-slip base made with natural rubber, the mousepad will not budge and will stay in place on your desk. No more undesired movements! As always with KLIM, you will enjoy a 5 year warranty and a dedicated customer support service with a response time under 24 hours. The fabric is highly resistant to wear and tear. It is easily washable with water and will last you a decade.