KLIM Mini Cooler

KLIM Mini Cooler is the most powerful fan desktop of its size. Its reduced size allows an easy transport and storage. It has 3 different speeds and a USB port.

Immediate cooling action. When you receive the KLIM Mini Cooler, you’ll be surprised by how much power it packs for its size. It spins at nearly 4,000 rotations per minute.

Easy to transport. With its small size 14cm x 12cm x 3cm and a 150g – it’s very compact and lightweight.


Built to last, warrantied with Customer Support. We’re passionate about making quality electronics with superior quality components, built to last. If you ever encounter any problem, you will be covered by our 2 year warranty. It’s a no risk purchase.

Adjustable speed. You want a small breeze with almost no noise? That’s easily achieved. You want maximum cooling power? Also possible.

Connectable anywhere. The plug is the same as a mobile phone plug – you can plug it into any USB port, to a wall socket or straight into your computer.