Our Mission and Story

Most gaming brands nowadays are built like this: a bunch of well-established people who have no interest in gaming see the video game market growing, pour in a few millions, launch a bunch of products, are friends with retailers and easily get in retail stores.

KLIM’s story is slightly different. We started with a single product, to solve a specific need. We were tired of laptops that cost 1000€ and more having performance issues because of overheat and dying early. We were looking to solve this issue. We were cash-strapped so we produced only 50 units of the KLIM Cool. The customers responded positively, and we built on this first success.

We are a self made company, with no outside investment. Only the customers will decide if we succeed or fail. This is why customers are so important to us.

Our PassionWe use every day the gaming products we make and are passionate about them. You will feel this with our products. We avoid excessive marketing to give the best prices possible to our customers.
Our GoalIn electronics the a 0% defect rate will never be possible. But we strive for that goal. And when we fail, we take responsibility, assist the customer and compensate him/her fairly.
Our AccountabilityWe are a young company, we will make mistakes but we will always make sure to own up to them and improve.

In a way we realize that gaming products probably won’t solve climate change or bring world peace, but by providing quality products at an honest price and friendly customer service we can bring our little bit of good in the world.

Our Team

Former team members who helped us grow

KLIM Headquarters

Marcus Excelsior Limited
2512 Langham Place Office Tower
8 Argyle Street, Mongkok
Kowloon, Hong Kong